Streams Of Mercy

Project Detail

We work very closely with Streams Of Mercy to help them improve their communications with both existing and potential donors. Their mission is very close to our heart and we feel that it is incredibly important to help them share their stories with the world.


To create a brand identity system that sharpens the focus of Streams Of Mercy in bringing life-changing funds and resources to help aide more people than ever before.


Changing the lives of orphans around the world.

Streams of Mercy was born out of a passion to care for the most needy and helpless of society. They rescue, restore, empower, love, and bring hope to the hopeless. Since the beginning, they have remained dedicated to their principals of maximizing every dollar given to ensure the projects who need it the most receive these much-needed funds.

Since 2012, Streams Of Mercy has gone from supporting 20+ projects to now supporting over 40 projects around the world. To stand behind something with such an impact is an honor, and we’re doing our best to help them grow their support for these children. We are dedicated to helping them see their number of projects grow even bigger in the coming years.

Our marketing efforts tap into our Connected Storytelling strategy by linking their image to their content and then further into the platforms where their brand is being engaged. From Email Newsletters to Social Campaigning to paid Advertisement to writing Blogs and Articles, we oversee every aspect of their marketing strategy and execution. With heavy attention to detail, we go through each aspect with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is compliant and aligns with the overall brand, ensuring that their image matches the incredible work they are doing.

We firmly believe that a professional, well-developed image helps to not only clearly communicate an organization’s mission but to imbibe a high level of trust at every level from those experiencing their first contact with them, to those who are long-standing donors.

Streams of Mercy logo

Our Approach

We started with a deep dive audit of their brand in our initial discovery process. This helped to define the heart and meaning behind the organization.

Through our strategic approach, we identified the opportunities where we could innovate and explore our conceptual approach, giving us a clear direction for what we were to create.

Where water and life meet, we’ve streamed the two together into Streams Of Mercy’s identity. We started by visualizing this concept with shades of blue from light to dark in the color palette and developed a system that flows with their services along with a refreshing new logo mark.

It was necessary for them, as they’ve grown, to better convey their branding and messaging in a more professional and creative way.

Website UI/UX Design

Using their new brand guidelines, we created a modern website design in a more responsive friendly format that is centered around helping visitors more easily understand their mission, vision, and story; What They Do and Where They Are Doing It.

Finding projects and additional information on their old site was quite frustrating, so we re-organized the projects page and have started an ongoing process of making sure that each represents the most current information while giving viewers easy access to updates about each project.

In Summary

Along with the new website design, we have simplified their giving process by bringing the donations directly onto their website. In the past, this was done entirely through PayPal, and while this option is still available, we have now added the choice for people to give securely with a credit/debit card without needing to go through PayPal’s system. This new giving portal allows for secure transactions while simplifying the process of sending tax-deductible receipts. Something that is crucial for each non-profit organization as they receive donation funds.

In addition to this, we built in the option for donors to cover the processing fees for both Credit Card and PayPal transactions to ensure that more of the money given gets to the people and projects Streams Of Mercy supports. We also built in a feature allowing for monthly recurring donations

With their new look and sharpened focus, Streams Of Mercy is poised to bring life-changing funds and resources to more people than ever before.

If you’d like to know how to get involved or simply learn more about their incredible organization, we invite you to Join The Stream.