Project Detail

When we think about art, we most often think about the immediate impact that it has on us, and not the lasting impact on generations to come. Bronze art however is cast in a medium that is not easily destroyed and will likely last for generations and generations to come.

This short film, featuring Los Angeles artists Friedrich Kunath, Liz Glynn, FriendsWithYou Samuel Borkson & Arturo Sandoval III, Ricky Swallow, explores the topic of permanence in regards to their bronze artwork and whether or not it’s something they have thought about as artists.


We were brought in to edit this project after principal photography had finished. Tasked with crafting the interviews into a single story around the central theme of ‘Permanence’, we first strung together a solid story that could stand on its own without additional imagery. Married with beautiful b-roll captured by Director & Cinematographer Nicholas J Reid, and the magical compositions by Danish musician So I’m An Islander, the final piece not only clearly communicates its central theme, but does so with an elegant grace that we are proud to be a part of.

  • Filmed & Directed by Nicholas J Reid
  • Produced by Patrick Reese
  • Edited by Michael Nease
  • Music by So I’m An Islander