It all started sometime around 1991 when an 11 year old Michael Nease got his hands on his dad’s brand new Macintosh PowerBook. The dark grey laptop had a monochrome screen and a revolutionary trackball in place of a mouse. It was able to connect to something called the “Internet” via a telephone modem and a service called CompuServe. Time after time, MIchael’s dad would complain that something wasn’t working on his new computer, likely due to the curious poking and prodding of an 11 year old technophile. You could probably say that it was in the depths of those technological beginnings that NeaseMedia was born – although it would take 25 years for it to become official.

Today, our focus remains not only on the ever changing technologies, but on the ways we use them to communicate. We like the term "Transmedia Design" because it encompasses the constantly evolving landscape that we all interact with on a daily basis. Each project is unique and we approach it as such.